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Jan P. Guggenbuehler


Hello Internet, my name is Jan. I'm a 24-year-old student and management consultant. After having dabbled in physics for a while (   ETHZ ), I decided to broaden my horizons and focused my interests on banking, finance, and statistics at Switzerland's largest university (   UZH ). I really like the idea of being a polymath and subscribe to a majority of its core principles. While I do believe in specialization as one of our most important developments as a society, the pareto principle states that with roughly 20 percent of the time or effort, we're able to achieve 80 percent of the gains. Thus I've set my focus to finance and statistics and spend the remainder of my time on developing my skill set with respect to a diverse range of subjects. This strategy of mine constitutes the driving force behind my "Library and Resources" section on this website.

My Interests

Corporate Finance

Statistics & Data Science

Banking & Business


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